Dishoom Birmingham: A Unique Indian Restaurant You Must Visit

If you’re in the Birmingham or West Midlands region and craving some magic breakfast, authentic Indian food, or a heartwarming glass of chai, then Dishoom Birmingham is the spot for you!

From spicy chicken ruby curry, chilli cheese toast, and garlic naan to exotic cocktails and teetotal tipples, Dishoom Birmingham offers a well-priced, genuine Indian restaurant experience in the city’s heart.

Let’s discover a brief history of Dishoom Birmingham and Dishoom’s fantastic menu.

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A Brief History Of Dishoom Birmingham

Dishoom is an Indian restaurant that pays loving homage to the Irani cafes of the Swadeshi market. Dishoom has locations across the United Kingdom in London’s Covent Garden, Canary Wharf, and many more. 

The story of Bombay café Dishoom begins with the myth of Roda Irani. Roda Irani was an Irani café owner in the Swadeshi market who took over her father’s business. She continued her father’s legacy of providing a comfortable place where people from all walks of life could eat, drink, and be merry together. 

The Roda Irani ethos lives on through Dishoom restaurants across the United Kingdom, and as of April 1st, 2020, Paradise Birmingham got its own Dishoom restaurant. Unfortunately, the doors couldn’t stay open for long due to a tumultuous period of lockdowns in the United Kingdom. 

Luckily, Dishoom’s restaurant in Birmingham City Centre persevered – holding a soft launch from Saturday 18th July to Wednesday 5th August 2020 before the official opening on Thursday 6th August. From Thursday 6th August, eager patrons in Birmingham could walk in and experience a taste of Bombay comfort food and the Roda Irani legacy.

The Dishoom restaurant’s team leaders, Kameel and Kavi Thakrar pay loving homage to old Irani cafes and Swadeshi market stalls that were once a part of everyday life in Bombay. All of Kameel and Kavi Thakrar’s Dishoom restaurants have a deep love for Bombay’s food but also celebrate each location’s heritage with a signature dish and story. 

Dishoom Birmingham’s signature food dish is a mutton chaap korma – a classical Indian korma in the style of Bhendi Bazaar’s Noor Mohammadi. The restaurant’s story draws on Birmingham’s history as the “city of a thousand trades” and explores unique parallels between the markets of Bombay and Birmingham’s commercial past. 

But where is Dishoom Birmingham, and how do you book a table?

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Dishoom Birmingham Address & Contact Details

Dishoom’s Birmingham restaurant is in the heart of Birmingham City Centre in the lovely Chamberlain Square.

Executive Chef Naved Nasir’s menu serves eager patrons Bombay comfort food cooked in Hindu, Muslim, Irani, and Parsi traditions all day from breakfast time until late.

Here’s everything you need to know to plan a visit to Dishoom’s Birmingham restaurant.

Address: 1 Chamberlain Square, Birmingham, B3 3AX, United Kingdom
Operating hours: Monday to Thursday 8 am-11 pm, Friday 8 am-12 am, Saturday 9 am-12 am, Sunday 9 am-11 pm
Book your reservation:, +44 121 809 5986

Nearby attractions: Birmingham Town Hall, Paradise Birmingham, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Nearest Public transport:
Train: Birmingham New Street (11 min walk), Jewellery Quarter (24 min walk)
Bus: Art Gallery (3 min walk), Great Charles St (5 min walk)

Now that you know how to reserve your table, let’s look at the menu.

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From chilli chicken and okra fries to mutton chaap korma with garlic naan, here are some of Chef Naved Nasir’s dishes from Bombay café Dishoom in Birmingham.

1. Breakfast

Guests can grab some magic breakfast dishes off the breakfast menu from 8 am to 11:45 am on weekdays and from 9 am to 11:45 am on weekends. 

  • Bacon & Egg Naan Roll
  • Kejriwal (two fried eggs on chilli cheese toast)
  • Parsi Omelette (three-egg omelette with chopped tomato, onion, coriander, green chilli, and cheese)
  • Date & Banana Porridge
  • Bun Maska (a soft bun with butter inside to be dipped into hot chai)

2. Lunch

Grab a spot for lunch at one of their spectacular summer houses for an outdoor dining experience that offers seating for 6 guests and shelter from any unexpected sideways rain.

Eager patrons can order lunch from the all-day menu from 12 pm each day. 

  • Okra Fries 
  • Keema Pau (spiced minced lamb and peas with a toasted bun)
  • Bhel (puffed rice, peanuts, Bombay seeds, and nylon sev tossed with fresh pomegranate, tomato, onion, lime, and mint)
  • Mutton Samosas
  • Chicken Ruby (tender chicken in rich “makhani” sauce)

3. Dinner

Once it’s dinner time, guests can indulge in some of these Dishoom classics:

  • Dishoom Chicken Tikka
  • Masala Prawns
  • Chicken Berry Britannia (a pot of chilli chicken, ginger, garlic, and rice cooked Kacchi style)
  • Mattar Paneer (delicious vegetarian curry)
  • Spicy Lamb Chops

4. Drinks

Since 1949, Bombay has been under a state of prohibition, and there are special places where only permit holders may consume alcohol. These have become known as permit rooms.

Dishoom’s Permit Room joins the ranks of spectacular Birmingham bars with these delicious items from their drinks menu.

A. Teetotal Tipples

Try one of these fantastic non-alcoholic beverages.

  • No-Permit Collins (Indian green tea, lapsang, 0.5% beer, lemon, and maple)
  • Marine Drive Spritz (tonic, non-alcoholic rose grape juice, and soda)
  • Teetotal Espresso Martini (Monsooned Catuai espresso with ginger)
  • Sober Negroni (homemade non-alcoholic gin and chai vermouth)
  • Rumless Mojito (mint, pineapple, lime, and bitter syrup)

B. Cocktails

Order classic cocktails with a Bombay twist.

  • India Gimlet (London Dry Gin, Rose’s lime and celery bitters, a touch of dill)
  • Dishoom Espresso Martini (Monsooned Catuai espresso, Finlandia vodka, chilli liquor, and black walnut bitters)
  • 1948 Sour (Amrut whisky, Suntory Toki, with dashes of plum and egg white foam)
  • Colaba Colada (classic pina colada jazzed up with coriander, chai syrup, and lime juice)
  • Meenkashi’s Mojito (Bacardi, pineapple, bitters, lime, mint soda)

C. Warm Drinks

Hot, comforting, and with a bit of spice, try an authentic Irani café chai or a heartwarming pot of tea.

  • House Chai (chai made the traditional way or with oat milk)
  • Chocolate Chai (dark chocolate and spicy chai)
  • Green Tea (grown organically on the lush plains between Assam and the Himalayas)
  • Breakfast Assam (A well-liked Indian tea leaf)
  • Fresh Mint Tea (spearmint tea)