Park and Ride Commonwealth Games Facilities (2022)

The 2022 Commonwealth Games will be a sporting spectacle for Birmingham’s local community and international visitors alike. But as this extravaganza unfolds, the massive influx of travellers and athletes could pose severe traffic and parking challenges for the city.

Fortunately, the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) drafted a Transport Plan to ease public transport for spectators without disrupting local business activities or residents’ everyday lives. 

Let’s explore the highlights of this plan and the park and ride Commonwealth Games options to use if you wish to attend the Games. 

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This Article Contains

Highlights of the Commonwealth Games Transport Plan
Park and Ride Facilities at Commonwealth Games Venues

  1. Alexander Stadium 
  2. Arena Birmingham 
  3. Cannock Chase Forest 
  4. Coventry Stadium and Arena 
  5. Edgbaston Stadium 
  6. Lee Valley Velopark 
  7. The NEC 
  8. Sandwell Aquatics Centre 
  9. Smithfield 
  10. Sutton Park 
  11. University of Birmingham Squash and Hockey Centre 
  12. Victoria Park 
  13. Victoria Square 
  14. Warwick 
  15. West Park

Highlights of the Commonwealth Games Transport Plan

The West Midlands Combined Authority’s Transport Plan is the brainchild of Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) and the Birmingham City Council. 

Cllr Ian Ward (WMCA transport portfolio holder/Birmingham City Council member), Andy Street (Birmingham mayor), and Ian Reid (CEO of Birmingham 2022) are the key contributors to the project.

Here are the highlights of WMCA’s Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Transport Plan:

  • All key Games venues will be accessible by public transport to reduce car traffic congestion and disturbance to local business. Access to public transport on an event date will be included in the spectators’ tickets.
  • To meet the growing demand for public transport, the West Midlands Combined Authority will initiate city centre bus shuttles, creating an accessible public transport system. Each event venue will also have a convenient park and ride site for travellers.   
  • The WMCA will provide elaborate park and ride arrangements, including parking zones near key Games venues like the Sandwell Aquatics Centre and the Alexander Stadium.
  • Designated ‘green routes’ will be set up, especially along the disconnected A34 and A38 cycle routes, to encourage spectators to walk or cycle to the Games venues. 
  • Accessible shuttle services, taxis, park and ride site services will be put in place to facilitate travellers’ needs without disrupting local services. Blue badge parking spots will also be provided at all Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games venues. 
  • The WMCA plans to establish a Games Route Network linking venues, athletes’ accommodation areas, and other key Commonwealth Games locations.
  • Though existing roads would remain open to visitors and the local community, some restrictions may be set near competition venues, like banning turns and limiting kerbside activities. In latest news, there are also plans to move the National Express bus depot to a new location.
  • A Park and Walk Delivery Plan to set up park and walk sites at different Games venues has been developed. All sites will be made accessible following an equality impact assessment.
  • The Regional Transport Coordination Centre (RTCC) of West Midlands will manage the transport network. It will use CCTV to monitor any travel or ride constraints and resolve them through measures like re-phasing traffic lights.
  • Public consultation will be sought from June 28 before the final approval of the draft plan. 

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Park and Ride Facilities at Commonwealth Games Venues

Here are the park and walk, and park and ride Commonwealth Games options at different competition venues:

VenueBus ShuttlesPark & RidePark & Walk
Alexander StadiumYesYesNo
Cannock ChaseYesNoYes
Coventry Arena YesNoYes
Coventry Stadium YesYesYes
Edgbaston Cricket GroundYesNoNo
The NECNoNoYes
Sandwell Aquatics CentreYesYesNo
Sutton ParkYesNoNo
Victoria ParkNoNoYes

1. Alexander Stadium 

The Alexander Stadium is the prime venue hosting the Games’ opening and closing ceremonies as well as track events – athletics and para-athletics – scheduled between August 2 and 7. 

You’ll share the experience with a massive crowd since temporary renovations expanded the stadium’s seating capacity from 18,000 to 30,000. 

You can easily access the venue using public transport – shuttle bus and rail services – or cycling along new segregated A34 cycleway. To avoid traffic congestion, the Games vehicles at the stadium’s transport mall will pick up and drop off passengers to different venues. 

  • Address: Alexander Stadium, Walsall Road, Perry Barr, Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Parking: High-Performance Centre car park near the GMAC (due to redevelopment of the stadium)
  • Closest Bus Stop: Perry Avenue (5 min walk)
  • Closest Train Station: Perry Barr (36 min walk)
  • Taxi Drop-off Point: Front of the stadium (accessible after redevelopment)
  • Walking Route: From Perry Park, Perry Hall Park, and Witton Cemetery to the venue 

2. Arena Birmingham

With a flexible seating capacity ranging from 2,464 to 15,800, the Arena has hosted a slew of international events like the Badminton World Championship, the Trampolining and Tumbling World Championship, the BMX World Championship, and many more. 

You can catch the Commonwealth Games’ Artistic (July 29 to August 2) and Rhythmic (August 4 to August 6) Gymnastics events here. 

  • Address: King Edwards Rd, Birmingham B1 2AA, United Kingdom
  • Parking: Only pre-booked blue badge parking (for drivers with severe mobility problems) is available (book your spot
  • Closest Bus Stop: National Indoor Arena (3-minute walk)
  • Closest Train Station: Birmingham Snow Hill (35-minute walk)
  • Taxi Drop-off Point: Clement Street (not available on July 30 due to road closures for the Marathon event)
  • Walking Route: From Birmingham New Street Station to the venue

3. Cannock Chase Forest 

The Cannock Chase Forest, in northern Birmingham, is famous for its British cycling routes, including Perry’s Trail (for intermediate cyclists) and a Pedal and Play area for young cyclists to train. Sport England, a non-departmental government body, has invested substantially to develop the venue for the Games.

With an accessible rail route service near the venue, you can easily reach Cannock Chase using the Chase and Stafford railway lines.

The forest will be the route for the mountain biking event on August 3, and if you’re a ticket holder, you’ll get exclusive viewing access near the start/finish line.   

  • Address: Birches Valley Forest Centre, Birches Valley, Rugeley, Staffordshire, Rugeley WS15 2UQ England
  • Parking: Only pre-booked blue badge parking is available
  • Closest Bus Stop: Rugeley Town (43-minute walk)
  • Closest Train Station: Hednesford (41-minute walk)
  • Taxi Drop-off Point: Four Oaks Farm Car Park 
  • Walking Route: From Go Ape to the venue

4. Coventry Stadium and Arena 

The Coventry Stadium and Arena boasts a seating capacity of 40,000 and is home to the Premiership Rugby Team Wasps and Coventry City FC. 

To ease access for spectators, the TfWM will set up park and ride sites at various points, including the Birmingham city centre and park and walk facilities around the stadium. 

  • Address: Judds Ln, Coventry CV6 6GE, United Kingdom
  • Parking:  Only pre-booked blue badge parking is available
  • Closest Bus Stop: Coventry Arena (Stop Ah) (2-minute walk)
  • Closest Train Station: Bedworth (58-minute walk)
  • Taxi Drop-off Point: Coventry Arena Retail Park
  • Walking Route: From Coventry Arena station to the venue

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5. Edgbaston Stadium 

Edgbaston Stadium  (seating capacity of 25,000) is home to the Warwickshire County Cricket Club and one of the home grounds of Team England

It’s the venue for the T-20 cricket matches of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games scheduled between July 29 and August 7. 

Instead of private vehicles, you can opt for public transport like the shuttle or rail service. It’s also easier to reach the venue on foot from the Birmingham City Centre  or by cycling down the Birmingham Cycle Revolution A38/ Bristol Road Cycle Route.

  • Address: Edgbaston Rd, Birmingham B5 7QU, United Kingdom
  • Parking: Limited paid spectator parking spots near Holders Lane and Moor Green Lane
  • Closest Bus Stop: Liberty Court (7-minute walk)
  • Closest Train Station: Birmingham Moor Street (17-min walk)
  • Taxi Drop-off Point: Speedwell Road (west of Pershore Road) or Clevedon Road
  • Walking Route: From Birmingham New Street station to the venue

6. Lee Valley VeloPark 

The Lee Valley VeloPark provided some of the most exhilarating moments of the track cycling event during the Commonwealth Games of 2012. Following renovations, the VeloPark is now equipped for four Olympic Games cycling styles – cycling, track, BMX, road, and mountain biking. It’s easily accessible by public transport. 

  • Address: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Abercrombie Road, London, United Kingdom
  • Parking: Only pre-booked blue badge parking is available.
  • Closest Bus Stop: Velopark (X) (5-minute walk)
  • Closest Train Station: Stratford International (14-minute walk)
  • Taxi Drop-off Point: Stratford Station
  • Walking Route: From the Stratford Station, via Westfield Shopping Centre, and through the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to the venue

Fun Fact: The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games badminton and track cycling events were held at a velodrome/arena in Scotland called the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome.

7. The NEC 

The National Exhibition Centre (NEC) will host several exciting Commonwealth Games events, including badminton and boxing.

Though public transport is a convenient way to access the venue, you can also park your vehicles at designated, pre-paid parking spots inside the NEC complex.

  • Address: North Ave, Marston Green, Birmingham B40 1NT, United Kingdom
  • Parking: Limited number of paid, pre-booking parking spots are available
  • Closest Bus Stop: Trinity Park (8-minute walk)
  • Closest Train Station: Birmingham International (62-minute walk)
  • Closest Light Rail Station: Birmingham International Airport (51-minute walk)
  • Taxi Drop-off Point: Near the venue and at the South 3 car park
  • Walking Route: From Birmingham International Station to the venue

8. Sandwell Aquatics Centre 

The Sandwell Aquatics Centre is the only new venue for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games and houses a swimming and diving competition pool. Like the Cannock Forest, it was set up with funds invested by Sport England. 

The facility holds 4,000 temporary seats and will host the largest number of medal events than any other venue. Get your ticket to witness the Games’ highly competitive swimming and para-swimming (July 29 to August 3) and diving (August 4 to 8) events.    

You can walk to the venue from the renovated Smethwick Rolfe Street and Smethwick Galton railway stations.

  • Address: Smethwick B67 7EP, United Kingdom
  • Parking: Limited, pre-booked blue badge parking at the Hawthorns station car park
  • Closest Bus Stop: Smethwick Galton Bridge (24-minute walk)
  • Closest Train Station: Smethwick Galton Bridge (23-minute walk)
  • Taxi Drop-off Point: Londonderry Lane near Smethwick Hall Park
  • Walking Route: From Holly Lane to the venue

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9. Smithfield 

The Smithfield formerly housed Birmingham’s Wholesale Markets and has been transformed into a lively venue for spectators at the Commonwealth Games. 

  • Address: Grand Ave, London EC1A 9PS, United Kingdom
  • Parking: Only limited, paid blue badge parking is available
  • Closest Bus Stop: St Bartholomew’s Hospital (2-minute walk)
  • Closest Train Station: Farringdon (4-minute walk)
  • Taxi Drop-off Point: Moat Lane
  • Walking Route: From Birmingham New Street Station to the venue

10. Sutton Park 

Sutton Park is a 2,400-acre urban nature reserve with the perfect topography for triathlon events (and is much larger than the 2014 triathlon venue of Strathclyde Park, Scotland). 

Book your ticket for the triathlon and para-triathlon events scheduled for July 29 and 31. 

The best way to reach Sutton Park is by rail via the Sutton Coldfield station. 

  • Address: Park Rd, Sutton Coldfield B74 2YT, United Kingdom
  • Parking: Only pre-booked blue badge parking is available
  • Closest Bus Stop: Sutton Coldfield (38-minute walk)
  • Closest Train Station: Sutton Coldfield (7-minute walk)
  • Taxi Drop-off Point: Sutton Coldfield Town Centre and Sutton Coldfield Station
  • Walking Route: From the Sutton Coldfield station to the venue

11. University of Birmingham Squash and Hockey Centre 

The University of Birmingham will accommodate the Athlete’s Village and host the hockey (July 29 to August 8) and squash events (July 29 to August 8). 

The venue boasts two international-standard hockey pitches with a seating capacity of 6,000 and six all-glass squash courts with 2,000 seats for spectators.

  • Address: University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Parking: Limited number of pre-booked blue padge parking spots on Dale Road
  • Closest Bus Stop: University Station (Stop Qe) (2-minute walk)
  • Closest Train Station: Five Ways (30-minute walk)
  • Taxi Drop-off Point: Pritchatts Road, west of Vincent Drive
  • Walking Route: Leamington Spa Station 

12. Victoria Park 

This West Midlands venue hosted historic sporting tournaments, including the Bowls England National Championships and the 2007 European Race-Walking Cup.

You can watch the thrilling lawn and para lawn bowling events (July 29 to August 6) of the 2022 Commonwealth Games across the park’s five bowling greens. Given the venue’s close proximity to Leamington Spa Station, rail is the easiest transport to access Victoria Park. Besides public transport, park and walk provisions will also be available at the park. 

Interestingly, the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games bowling events were conducted at the historic Glasgow Green in Scotland, another heritage landmark.

  • Address: Grove Rd, London E3 5TB, United Kingdom
  • Parking: Pre-booked spectator park and walk and blue badge parking spots are available
  • Closest Bus Stop: Victoria Park (3-minute walk)
  • Closest Train Station: Jewellery Quarter (15-minute walk)
  • Taxi Drop-off Point: Adelaide Bridge Car Park
  • Walking Route: From the Leamington Spa Station to the venue

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13. Victoria Square 

Victoria Square, at the centre of Birmingham city Black Country will be the finishing area for the 2022 Commonwealth Games’ marathon run commencing on July 30. 

  • Address: Victoria Square, Birmingham B1 1BD, United Kingdom
  • Parking: No parking spots are available due to road restrictions
  • Closest Bus Stop: Colmore Row (Stop Sh11) (3-minute walk)
  • Closest Train Station: Five Ways (25-minute walk)
  • Taxi Drop-off Point: Town Hall
  • Walking Route: From the Birmingham city centre to the venue

14. Warwick

Myton Fields in Warwick will be the site for the Commonwealth Games cycling road race. The world’s leading 160 cyclists will cover the route between Warwick town centre and Victoria Park on August 7.

You can watch the cyclists as they cover the West Midlands British cycling road race route, extending along the picturesque St. Nicholas Park and historical Warwick Castle. 

If you plan to attend the cycling road race, rail is the most convenient way to access Warwick.

  • Address: Myton Fields, Warwickshire, West Midlands, United Kingdom
  • Parking: Limited pre-bookable spectator and blue badge parking spots at Warwick Technology Park
  • Closest Bus Stop: St John’s Rd (3-minute walk)
  • Closest Train Station: Small Heath (15-minute walk)
  • Taxi Drop-off Point: Warwick Technology Park
  • Walking Route: From Warwick train station to the venue.

15. West Park 

The Cycling Time Trial event of the 2022 Commonwealth Games will take place on August 4 along Wolverhampton’s scenic West Park. The 43-acre park is a well-preserved historic parkland (like the Glasgow Green in Scotland) with bowling greens, tennis courts, a conservatory, a bandstand, and a large lake.

Located just a short distance from the Birmingham city centre and the famous Molineux Stadium, the park is also the perfect picnic spot if you’re keen on a family getaway.

Like most Games venues, Wolverhampton has good public transport facilities (bus, rail, and Metro), making them convenient means to access West Park. 

  • Address: 76 Park Rd W, Wolverhampton WV1 4PH, United Kingdom
  • Parking:  Only pre-booked blue badge parking is available
  • Closest Bus Stop: Connaught Rd (6-minute walk)
  • Closest Train Station: Wolverhampton (45-minute walk)
  • Taxi Drop-off Point: Bath Avenue
  • Walking Route: From Wolverhampton to the venue