The Best Things To Do At Whitstable Beach

Whitstable Beach in Kent is the perfect destination to escape the city and take in some fresh sea air. 

This pebbled beach is in Whitstable town (formerly Whitstable-On-Sea). It’s famous for its incredible native oysters during the summer.

If you’re looking for a little beachside fun, delicious food, and fun activities, this is the place to head to! 

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This Article Covers:

Where Is Whitstable Beach?

How Is Whistable Beach Divided?

How Do You Get To Whitstable Beach?

When’s The Best Time To Visit Whitstable?

Top 5 Things To Do At Whitstable Beach

Where Is Whitstable Beach?

Whitstable Beach lies at the end of Whitstable town along the north coast of Kent and five miles north of Canterbury.  

The beach runs from south of Whitstable’s harbor to Seasalter for about a mile. 

Note: Whitstable Beach has shingles (pebbles) covering the entire coast, unlike many other sandy beaches.  

How Is Whistable Beach Divided?

Whitstable Beach is a long stretch of shoreline divided into three sections by wooden groynes:

  • Whitstable Beach Front: This section is closest to Whitstable town and is typically the busiest section. It’s lined with seafood markets, tourists, and coloured beach huts. 
  • West Beach: West Beach is situated west of the beach that extends to Seasalter. It’s a great spot to escape the crowd as it’s more of a residential area. 
  • Tankerton Beach: Tankerton Beach is a broad, quiet stretch towards the east of Beach Front. It also has a string of brightly coloured beach huts that make a great photo op! It’s an excellent spot for families as there’s rock pooling to enjoy during the low tide. 

How Do You Get To Whitstable Beach?

Whitstable Beach is a great destination for a day trip or weekend getaway from London. You can reach Whitstable Beach by bus, train, and car:

  • Bus: You can head to London Victoria Coach Station and take the National Express bus to Canterbury. In Canterbury, switch to a local bus or walk the seven miles to Whitstable.
  • Train: Head to either London Victoria Train Station or London St Pancras Train Station and take one of the regular services to Whitstable. 

From the Whitstable train station, it’ll take you 10 minutes to reach the town. You need to go through the town to get to the beach.

  • Car: If you’re taking a trip with friends or family, driving to Whitstable is a great idea. 

When’s The Best Time To Visit Whitstable?

The best time to visit Whitstable is during the summer months (June-August). Whitstable is a busy hotspot during the weekends.  

Top 5 Things To Do At Whitstable Beach

There are a few things you can do by the beach:

1. Enjoy Various Activities On The Beach

Here are a few things to do along the shingle-covered Whitstable Beach:

  • Enjoy a walk or picnic with friends or family. Bonus: The beach is dog-friendly, so bring your furry friends.
  • Take a relaxing dip in the sea. If you decide to do, remember that there is no lifeguard service available. 
  • Have fun kayaking or paddleboarding.
  • During the low tide, walk along The Street trail — a seabed visible during low tide.
  • Go crabbing, where you catch crabs with a line, bucket, and bait purchased from one of the hut stores along the Harbour. 

2. Eat And Drink Local Food

At Whitstable Beach, you must sample the fresh, local seafood, particularly oysters.

Check out the many oyster bars and the small harbor stalls serving delicious grub. You can enjoy the local fare, paired with a pint, outdoors as you take in the charming coastal backdrop.

The Old Neptune pub, right on Whitstable Beach, serves fantastic food and craft beer. Or enjoy a bottle seated on the beach with your toes in the water. 

Check out JoJo’s Restaurant above the Tankerton Beach area if you’re vegetarian. 

3. Enjoy A Boat Cruise

A great way to explore the beautiful shoreline is by taking a boat cruise. Small business Whitstable Vintage Lifeboats offer short coastal trips and seal safari excursions. 

4. Take A Walk On Whitstable Beach Front’s Harbour 

The Whitstable Harbour along the Beach Front has a few sights to take in! It has a few independent shops, souvenir stores, antique shops, and open-air markets. 

You can enjoy a variety of street art and formal galleries. It’s a picturesque spot to take a few photographs, too.

5. Walk or Cycle Along the Whitstable Coastal Trail

You can walk along the Whitstable Coastal Trail, which connects with the Oyster Bay Trail at Herne Bay. Whitstable Maritime does the Whitstable Coastal Trail to highlight the coastal environment diversity over a 3-mile distance. 

If you’d like a guide or a map, check out the Whitstable Maritime website.