Whitstable Castle: Directions, Things to do, History

Standing tall for over 200 years now, Whitstable Castle in Kent, UK is a reminder of the town’s past and its current centrepiece. It’s an unmissable slice of coastal England. 

This late 18th-century Castle was first built for the Pearson family and is now under the management of the Whitstable Castle Trust.

Its scenic location and ease of access make it an ideal stop while exploring the town, as well as a destination for weddings and other events.

Pick up all information you need to plan your visit to Whitstable Castle!

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How to get to Whitstable Castle

Whitstable Castle is a five-minute walk from the Whitstable harbour – on the seafront between Whitstable town and Tankerton slopes. Whitstable town is located within the Canterbury council.

Here’s how you can get to the harbour: 

  • By bus: At the London Victoria Coach Station, take the National Express bus to Canterbury. You can take a local bus to the Whitstable harbour station.
  • By train: Take any one of the regular trains from London’s St Pancras, Melbourne, and London Victoria stations to Whitstable. The harbour is just about a 10-min walk from the train station.
  • By road: You may rent a car from the capital or simply share a ride with a couple of friends. Gorrell Tank is the town’s main pay-and-park spot.

Can you go inside Whitstable Castle?

Yes. The Castle is open to guided group tours. We recommend you contact the trust office and make a booking in advance.

Is there an entrance fee to Whitstable Castle?

The Castle tours are available only by appointment. You need to pre-book a guided tour at £14.95 per person. 

They can also arrange for refreshments, teas, and light lunches – chargeable separately.

The grounds and tea rooms are open to the public. But we recommend booking ahead for a tour. 

Is there parking at Whitstable Castle?

Yes, you can park on the grounds or even on the streets near the Castle. Alternatively, you can avail the services of the pay-and-park spot at Gorell Tank, just a 10-minute walk away.

Is Whitstable Castle accessible by wheelchair?

The Castle grounds are easy to access for people in wheelchairs.

3 Things to do at Whitstable Castle

Here’s a quick list of everything you can do at the Castle:

1. Visit the gardens at Whistable Castle

Experience the local flora and even take a plant home during the Castle’s summertime sale held between April and September (10 am to 2 pm) in the gardens.

2. Unwind with a cup of tea and some snacks

The Castle offers two delightful rest stops: The Orangery Tea Rooms (within the Castle) and the Tower Hill Tea Gardens (across the street.)

Both cafes offer a wide selection of scones and some fabulous afternoon tea.

3. Attend a local event

From learning about the ancient Egyptians to solving a murder mystery, Whitstable Castle offers you a ticket to an adventure almost every weekend! So don’t forget to check in with the Castle authorities (or check online) before you visit.

Is Whitstable Castle a Wedding Venue?

Since 2004, Whistable Castle and gardens have been open to the public as a venue for events. The sprawling gardens make for picture-perfect backdrops, especially in summers.

You can contact the Castle authorities to attend a ‘Wedding Open Day’ and meet local wedding coordinators. 

Things to do around Whitstable Castle

Just a short walk away is the Whitstable harbour and the High Street. You can drop into the many boutiques, stores, cafes, and art galleries. 

The Whitstable Museum nearby will give you a glimpse into the town’s eventful past as well.

A Quick History of the Whitstable Castle

Charles Pearson and his wife Elizabeth Radford (who inherited the land) began building the Castle on the site of the Manor of Tankerton in 1790. The Pearson family continued to use the building as their summer home in the 1820s.

After Pearson’s son sold it in 1836, the Castle – also occasionally referred to as Tankerton Towers – passed on from owner to owner – each adding something unique to the building.

The Whitstable Urban District Council bought the Castle for £10,00 in 1935 and opened the gardens to the public in 1948. The Council also set up its office at Whitstable Castle.

1975 marked the setting up of the Castle Centre Association, which aimed to restore and use the building. The Whitstable Castle Trust was founded in 2008 and has been in charge of the Castle’s upkeep and management.

Whitstable Castle Contact Details

Phone number: 01227 281726
Email address: enquiries@whitstablecastle.co.uk